Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A letter to Mr Bachan

Dear Sir,
I have watched waqt, black, bunty aur babli, sarkar and viruddh in the past 3 months. I have never ever seen so many movies in a theatre at such a stretch. I am humbled, moved and in awe of you. I grew up watching you in Pukaar, Kaalia, Do aur do paanch, Shaan, Silsila, Namak Halal, sharaabi and Sholay. I have this vivid picture of you in my mind holding onto an Indian flag as you were dying. I think it was Pukaar and i was barely 4 or 5 and it was in Pondicherry. You were my hero and you continue to be so. I have seen you go through the turmoil in the mid 90s when ABCL went belly up and you worked hard to pay back all the money that was lost. I was happy yesterday that ABCL came out with Viruddh. I must say, it was a good movie with emotions rightly placed and with a message. When i saw you sitting in the jail cell with your feet folded and staring at the cop it sent me a chill down my spine. You looked like the epitome of truth and good.
I am a practical person who doesnt get carried away very often but you have made me respect you over the years and it has only grown with age. When i think of you, i think of a dignified, humble and good human being. You are well spoken, have a good pedigree and an amazing command over your language be it Hindi or English. I dont see anyone coming close to you for years to come other than your very own son. He has been brought up with the right combination. I will watch him for years to come as we both are more or less the same age.
You have been a good role model over the years . I wish you good health, judgement and perfection for all the time to come.
best regards,


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