Friday, June 17, 2005

Hair Cut

I wrote this 5 years ago. I wanted to save it here before i lost it in that electronic ocean we all pour our lives into. This was written sometime in oct of 2000. I feel i have matured in my writing and my outlook towards life. You mellow down.

"I am an unhappy man today. i have been in the united states for approximately 14 months and i am a sad man everytime i come back from a barbers saloon. I belong to the lowest class of indians here in the US and that is the student class. It costs us more or less 15 bucks for a damn cut and on top of that we are supposed to tip generously cos the barber always has a good memory when it comes to remembering customers faces, not that it really matters to me. Everytime i walk into a mall for a hair cut,i run out in a frenzy to get home at the earliest and see how bad my face looks or how jokerish i look. Four of us live together and everytime one of us is back from a cut , we are scrutinized to check out the flaws which are usually present in the zillions. Is it newjersey?Is it the texture of our Indian hair or do they basically like screwing around with us poor Indians students?I remember the good old days when i used to get my hair cut in a small town called Tumkur near Bangalore in the southern part of India. I used to feel like god when i used to walk out. Now, the scene is totally different. I am scared to go for a hair cut. The last three cuts which come to my memory are, i looked like spike lee when i walked out of the parlor with my sister laughing her head off and also saying that it looked ok,the next was when the moronic barber cut the front off only in parts making me look like a retard with nowhere and no side to partition my hair and as for today i asked the lady to shorten my sides and she gracefully took off my sidelocks making me look like i have a wig on to save my life. no doubt this country is great, but why is getting a decent hair cut such a bargain to get? Especially for students like us it is very very traumatic as the americans would put it.When i look at the people around here, they have such awesome cuts. Is it cos they have a different language that has to bespoken to get the cut?But then, i see the abcds trotting around with trendy cuts. Where do they get their language from? Someone please point me towards a decent barber who makes me feel less traumatized than what i am feeling rightnow.
P.S- The above note is just a note and doesnt certify you to label me as a retard."


Blogger Prashant/* said...

I thought that happened only to me during my short stay in the US. Somethings about barber shops in Dallas I tried:
- All barbresses were Vietnamese. So communicating with them in English wasn't easy at all.
- I had to specify the clipper numbers for each side of my head. Like say 4 on the top, 3 on the sides! Whatever be combination, it was always horrible.

Back in des, of course, haircuts are such a pleasure. The barber has a brain and he applies it on the job. And the best part is always the amazing maalish at the end of the hair cut. Ah, it's for me to go next weekend :).

5:13 AM  
Blogger aditya said...

macha, yaar appa neevu tumkur inda?! i saw you snicker at a comment left by chinaclay at one of my posts and was wondering who you were....

11:00 PM  
Blogger zambezi said...

aditya, i think you should start writing again. I like the way you write. The same cynical humor that gets me going. Start writing and be sure to put down everyone around.

1:41 PM  
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